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Mia Dahye KIM



Mia Dahye Kim was born in Korea and works primarily in video art, encompassing multi-screen videos, video installations, performance videos, short films and art directing. Mia has Master's degree in Art and Media Practice and Bachelor's degree in Cinema. Her work has been showcased in a variety of exhibitions and screenings, both nationally and internationally including South Korea, UK, Germany, Spain, Poland and Norway. Additionally, her videos can be found in the collections of Media Archives at the Arko Art Center in Seoul and Korean Online Video Art Archives The Stream.

Her work is an examination of the way moving images construct stories as well as the way people perceive those stories from a series of moving images. The concept of scene in cinema -a series of actions in a single location- is deconstructed in her work within a mixture time and space. Mia weaves images together in a non-linear way, creating an open narrative, which appears as non-dialogue or silent video projects with multi screens. The work expands experimentally in combination with text, photography, and object installations within a wider perspective on visual composition. This combination with other mediums connects different dimensions of time and space constructing a multi-layered story. Her work is an investigation of cinematic narrative and storytelling in visual art.

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